VENI Energy Group is on a quest to greenify all energy production!

Publisert: 10.03.2021 av Tore Christian Lie  

One of the most crucial challenges facing mankind today is rising temperatures driven by human activity. We are consuming resources at an increasing pace, we are polluting through production processes, we are not engineering things to last, and we are replacing rather than repairing – and we are way too slow in switching from dirty to environmentally friendly energy. Energy production at large is a significant pollutant, and we need to increase the share of renewable energy and decrease fossil based energy production and consumption. And we need to do it now!

VENI Energy Group was a pioneer in Environmentally Friendly Energy! We introduced Certificates of Origin as standard from 2014. We could have offered our customers less expensive energy, and maybe sold greater volumes, had we not insisted on Green Energy. But we are on a quest. Only through consumers demanding environmentally friendly energy will we be able to increase its production share, and over time phase out black energy.

Here in the Nordics almost all energy production in non-fossil, and we perceive ourselves as mostly consuming clean energy. But that is not the way it works. Authorities in the Nordics and across Europe have developed a scheme with Certificates (or Guarantees) of Origin (GoOs). This means that all environmentally friendly energy production, and also other non-fossil energy production, are allocated GoOs. How many each production facility is allocated is a function of type of energy production and production capacity. The producers are allowed to sell their certificates at market prices. This gives an incentive to focus on, and develop, environmentally friendly energy production.

As more and more businesses insist on having a green profile, the demand for GoOs increases, and most GoOs from Nordic energy production are sold to buyers on the European continent.

This means that unless you buy GoOs with your energy, across the Nordics on average the electricity you buy is only 5.3 percent from renewable production! 46.5 percent is black energy (fossil based).

Thus far, VENI Energy Group has greenified more than 4.300.000.000 kWh of annual electricity consumption – across Norway, Sweden and Finland. Since VENI Energy Group entered Finland in 2018, more than kWh annual electricity consumption has been greenified – mostly for private companies, but also some municipalities and other public entities. And we are convincing more and more companies and public entities to go green every year. The cost for each customer is a small share of the energy cost – but the change in energy production that it supports is huge!

The quest continues! VENI Energy Group promotes environmentally friendly energy!

Kjell Martin Grimeland
VENI Energy Group and Eneas